On becoming a foster mom.

Yesterday I woke up at 5:30, got out of bed, went down to start breakfast, and just knew that we were going to get an email about some kids and we were going to say Yes to them.

How crazy is that?  It was just the oddest feeling in the world.  I knew it was going to happen, and I knew we were going to say yes.  It was more than just wishful thinking or hopeful optimism.  It was very clear, and very direct.

So when I left school at 2:15, finally checking my phone for the first time in a few hours, there it was, the email was sitting in my inbox, waiting to be read.

But we weren’t being asked to adopt.  We were asked to provide a short-term placement for two children, siblings, that needed an emergency placement.  The stories of their lives in the email scared the living daylight out of me, and for the first time in this journey of saying that my children will see more destruction in their short little lifetimes than I will ever know finally became me knowing this to be true.  And my newly acquired mama-bear instinct kicked in and reared out me, prayerfully drawing them close to my heart, while I set out home determined to convince the husband that we would be saying yes to this.  Of course we would.  Didn’t I already know that this morning?

Of course he said yes. And two and a half days from now we’ll be picking up our temporary children and taking them to their temporary home and I get to spend my entire April vacation being a temporary mom.

I am ever so humbled that God has asked us to parent these children for this time.  Because let’s face it, why else did I know what I knew that morning?  To think that for even a brief span of time these kids will encounter the Almighty Jesus in our homes is such a grand idea.  And I feel so very honored to play a part of His story in their lives.

Now, the real question remains.

Who wants to have a playdate?


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