Mom Jeans

I’ve been reading blogs forever, and the one thing I can’t get over is how mom bloggers are constantly talking about fashion.  There are so many posts about how just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you need to buy mom jeans.  You’re a person, too!  Be hip and trendy, stop wearing yoga pants, buy a fedora, rock your braids, etc. etc.  There’s a lot of talk in blogdom about “putting yourself first” and “a happy mom means happy kids” and this whole genre of “mom-guilt” about leaving your kids to go do something for you.  It’s giving off the impression that some moms would rather not be moms.  Or would rather have two separate identities–mom, and {insert your first name here}.

And what woman doesn’t want to wear pajama pants all day long?  I cannot even tell you how much I look forward to the hour when I get to come home and pull those puppies on.  Most of the time I don’t even change out of my shirt, just the pants.  And then my hair immediately goes up.  This whole yoga-pants-wearing thing is not a mom-only attribute, and it doesn’t make me less of a person so it won’t make me less of a mom.  What it will do is make me a whole lot more comfortable and will enable me to enjoy my husband and future children knowing that a giant piece of denim elastic won’t cut off my circulation everytime I sit down or bend over.  And I won’t have to be constantly pulling down my dress to I don’t flash the neighbors.

Displaying PicsArt_1398187632614.jpg

Before the wedding and immediately following the wedding. Honestly, the bride and groom are probably grateful I just put on clothes.

I’m an just so grateful and so humble that I even get to be a mom. So I’m kind of looking forward to the day I get to buy a pair of straight-legged high-waisted jeans that I can tuck my oversize t-shirt into and slip on my white Keds for a quick jaunt around the neighborhood with the kids loaded in the stroller.  I’m in love with the idea of wearing clothes that shout, “I’M A MOM” to the world because I certainly don’t have a baby belly to prove it.  I just really don’t see why I can’t let my kids be my everything (after Jesus, of course) and why I can’t sit around and complain about how I don’t get to spend enough time with my kids everyday, and how I sometimes I wish I could put them to bed later so I could talk to them more or how I wish I could wake them up early just so we can sneak down to Dunkin’ Donuts before Dad wakes up.  Because I’ve already missed more of their lives than I wanted to in the first place.  And I’m really okay with spending every waking moment with them if only to try to make up for not being there before.  And all you moms reading this who are shaking their heads and muttering, “Just give it a couple months, weeks even, and she’ll be singing a different tune,” well, I just really don’t think so.

So while I can’t really dress a bump, and I don’t really have a reason to jet off to the mall and buy all new clothes, I certainly can accessorize what I already have.  And I absolutely love this necklace from Starburst Studio.  It’s cute, and its chunky beads are in line with what (I hear) is trendy right now.  It also seems durable, since foster daughter loved it so much she insisted on wearing it most of the day yesterday, and it withstood little girl wanderings.   And honestly, if my little girl loves it, then I call that a win in my book.  (She’s pretty fashion forward, so I think she knows what she’s talking about.)


Katie from Starburst Studio has graciously offered up a necklace for one of you to wear!  The rules for entry are below.  And be sure to check out her shop or Instagram–she has flash sales ALL the time, so you won’t want to miss that.


To enter Slightly Overrated and Starburst Studio Giveaway:

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3.  Follow @caitlinmfrost on Instagaram
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5.  Visit Starburst Studio and leave a comment about which necklace or earrings are your favorite
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One entry for each thing done.
Please comment below with the numbers you’ve done.
Giveaway ends Friday at midnight.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Mom Jeans

  1. “Because I’ve already missed more of their lives than I wanted to in the first place. And I’m really okay with spending every waking moment with them if only to try to make up for not being there before. ” Yep. Amen. For reals. A Million Times Yes. Couldn’t Agree more. Yup. Yeah. Firm Yes. Hallelujah.

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