Foster Mom-ing

So, we were foster parents after all.  I told you.  Life is great, and then it’s not, and then it is again.

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I won’t lie.  This was such a fun week.  So very fun.  I love waking up to them talking (sometimes screaming or singing) in the mornings, and I’ll miss that when they’re gone.  I love watching them get really excited about little things, like a Dora movie or dead leaves in the backyard, or cheese and crackers for a snack.  I love having conversations with them.  I love their laughs.  I love their childishness.

But this was also such a weird week.  I mean, we’re not their parents, so a lot of behavior we knew we wouldn’t be able to successfully correct in a week’s time.  A lot of things we just gave into, because we didn’t feel like making a war out of tiny battles that would disappear in a week’s time.  Having to be a parent while really just being a babysitter.  And there were a lot of times I wanted to call it quits.

The hardest challenge was to listen them call us Mama and Daddy when we’re not their Mama and Daddy.  And to have that conversation with them about how that’s not who we are.  This was the complete opposite conversation I wanted to have in this process.

Soon we’ll have our children in our homes.  (This week will (surely) be the week!)  And we’ll have conversations about how we’ll never leave and always be there.  We’ll probably have to beg to be called Mama and Daddy because with our luck it won’t be as easy with ours.

I’ll never forget these children.  Never ever.

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One thought on “Foster Mom-ing

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