Us in April + Update on my “One Little Word”

This isn’t actually my dedicated “Us in April” picture.  I snapped one of us and the foster kiddos in our pjs the night before they left, so when I make my “Us in 2014” booklet, that’s the one that I’ll be putting in.  But since it’s not really appropriate to paste foster kids faces all over social media, you get this one of us one the way to a wedding.  (I’m actually deathly sick in the pic, but luckily you can’t even tell.)

April was booked.

We helped a super awesome couple in our Life Group plan and put together their wedding.  And then we went to said wedding.

We hosted an appreciation party for our Setup/Teardown team at our church.  It was a hit, if I do say so myself.

I got a job!  I’m now a 7th grade English teacher. I’m filling in for the teacher who will be out through the end of the year. SO FUN.

I started planning a redo of our bedroom, and all the money from my instashop is funding the process.  I checked out a sewing book from the library (on a complete whim) and they had a pillow cover tutorial in it.  I picked out some fabric and BAM, the room was built.  In my head of course.  And I’m also working on re-creating this in my room.

I didn’t run a 5k.  Mostly because I got the dates all wrong, and mostly because I was deathly sick that week.  (It was the morning after the wedding.)  And when I had a complete panic attack/meltdown when I thought I had to run.  At least, I was panicking until the husband said that I didn’t have to do it.  So I didn’t.  I actually really want to do one now, since I had talked myself into doing it and I feel a little let down that I didn’t.  But we’ll see.

We had foster kids for the week!  It was so fun!  And so very sad to see them leave.  This foster mama got very weepy the night before they left.

Now that we’re one third of the way through the year, I thought I’d do a little update on my “one little word.”  At the end of the year, I really wanted to fell FULL.  I want a life FULL of God, of family, of happiness, of rest, of balance, of discipline, of contentedness.

But to be honest, 2014 has been systematically stripping me of everything inside.  Our car kept breaking down over and over, I had a baby then lost it, we had kids then had to give them back, and my entire mindset has been completely broken down my God.  The way I think about things, approach my life, approach my friends/family.  I’ve been emptying my house of all our junk (again).  I keep throwing out stuff both materially and figuratively.

And then I realized, before I could be filled with all this good stuff, God had to empty me out of all my other stuff.  How can I be full of happiness when I’m already full of cynicism?  How can I be full of rest when I’m already full of busy?  How can I be full of discipline when I’m already full of laziness?

I can’t say that I exactly appreciate the way God has emptied me.  I never expected to have a baby for just a week or kids for just a week.  I never expected to not have a car for a while.  Or to not have a washer/dryer for a long while.  Or to not have enough money to buy underwear.

But I also never expected to be feel so hopeful about the future, about my family, about my job.  I never expected to have foster kids, a bittersweet experience that I will always treasure.  And I certainly never expected to change the way I look at every tiny aspect of life.

So while I’m feeling a little empty, a little bereft, a little befuddled, I just know that this is the first step to feeling full, brimming, and running over.

Cheers to the next third of the year.


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