Paleo problems and a call for HELP!

What usually happens is we do Paleo pretty good from Monday to Wednesday night.  And then the system just breaks down somewhere at dinner on Wednesday night and we lose all restraint and all paleo will-power.

I LOVE Paleo.  My body can totally tell when I’m eating better and I just mentally feel better knowing I’m eating healthy.  There’s no food guilt, no diet-cheating guilt, nothing.  I just feel good.  So I really want to stick with it.

I don’t know how to break out of that mid-week rut.  For some reason we’re struggling with the quantity of food that we’re buying–meaning, I don’t think we’re not buying enough because we’re always hungry and scavenging the fridge for more food.  Sometimes it really does feel like a cave-man diet because the husband and I are opening doors, rustling through packages, picking up things and sniffing them, and grunting when we can’t find anything to eat.  And there are those nights when neither of us feel like cooking and we’d really rather pop in a frozen pizza and call it a night.  But alas, cavemen didn’t eat pizza with it’s soft dough covered in cheesy goodness.

And it’s becoming something of a problem.  All I ever do is think about food.  Which is weird, because making dinner has become a helluva lot easier now that all I do is meat and veggies and nothing with 8 bazillion ingredients or a million steps. I don’t think about what I want to eat, more about what’s good to eat and what’s not.  Or what to buy at the grocery store.  Or what cookbooks to look at.  Or how I can stay Paleo and still have an after school snack.

I know that I don’t neeeeeed to go all Paleo all the time, but I’d really really like to try it for at least a solid week.  Maybe two.  Because I just know that I’m going to find freedom in this new way of eating.  Freedom from refined-sugars and processed foods and unnatural chemicals.  Freedom in knowing that I’m fueling my body and not giving into cravings.  Freedom in knowing that future children will benefit from this lifestyle.

So, all you Paleo-ites.  Help me out!  How do I cook and have leftovers?  How do I curb my hunger in that in-between time when I’m home before the husband.  How do I eat breakfast that’s not just eggs?  How do I shop?  What cookbooks do I need (besides Practical Paleo or food blogs)?


4 thoughts on “Paleo problems and a call for HELP!

  1. I highly recommend the Well-Fed Paleo cookbooks. I’m just entering the Paleo world by doing a Whole30. Their website has a world of info. Also, have you been to the nomnom paleo website? Lots of great recipes and tips. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks! I’ll totally check into the well-fed stuff. I have heard of nomnom but have not looked into it. I just get so tired of staring at a screen! And propping up my laptop in the kitchen just isn’t conducive to meal making. But I’ll be sure to look at that.

  2. Caitlin I can’t believe you’ve gone paleo, I ate paleo pretty much the whole time I wss in Boston. I’d recommend just not having any of the sweets in the house so you can’t be tempted. Then fruits are good because they totally feel like a cheat. Also get a crock pot. Do it now. You’ll have a ton of leftovers and the actual food prep is super easy.

    • We don’t normally have sweets, so that’s not the problem. I think it’s just the quantity of food. We’re not buying a lot of fillers–yogurts, pretzels & hummus, tortillas & cheese–so I’m having trouble with making my lunch at 11:45 last until 6:00 and we don’t have as many leftovers from dinner to make a solid lunch. But I have been looking up crockpot recipes!

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