why yes, she is buckled in her booster seat watching a movie.  pick your battles, people.

why yes, she is buckled in her booster seat watching a movie. pick your battles, people.

listening to one child screaming, because she doesn’t want to go to bed, and “Let it Go” because the other child is watching Frozen for the billionth time (even though I hate that movie…)

thinking about how drastically my life has changed in the last few weeks, and how drastically it’s going to change in the upcoming months.  the frosts have quite the adventure coming up soon.

wondering how bad of a #momfail would it be if i also took a nap and let the 4 yr old take care of things? 

eating my kids’ leftover crumbs from their lunch.

praying about how to be a good mom to my kids, and how to potty train the oldest.  (any mom advice?  and by that i mean from moms who have also adopted.  sorry other moms, but it’s not the same.)

deciding to get rid of half my closet.  because i hate all my clothes and i’m ready for a change.  also, i’ll be getting rid of half my house, too. 

hoping for a big fat pepperoni pizza to appear on my doorstep that i can eat all by myself, because i’ve got too much #momguilt to feed my kids crap food.  well, to feed them more than what i already am…

looking forward to when the husband comes home.  we agreed (okay, i forced his hand) that i deserve 30 minutes to an hour to myself each night.  and tonight that’s going to be spent in a hot bubble bath with a good book and music playing just loud enough to drown out the screams from the downstairs.

struggling with patience–both with motherhood and with all the changes happening about.

looking at the mess of my room.  that’s what happens when i only get an hour and a half down time during the day, and i usually spend that watching Suits.

debating whether or not to get a BJs (bulk store) membership, because two tiny children are eating their weight in pirates’ booty and yogurt, and i’m tired of running to the grocery store every other day.

eager to get back to writing a little more full-timeish, whether on the blog or in my own journals, but i know now is not the right time.

loving that “full” feeling that’s slowly starting to fill me up.


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