Why I’ll Never be a “Good Blogger”

Because sometimes I post stuff because I want to, not because it’s highly edited or pretty.

Because my pictures are often taken on my phone (which is not an iPhone) or a camera that doesn’t have a giant zoom lens, or off a disposable camera.  And they’re never styled correctly or photoshopped.  Not because I don’t know how (although I don’t) but because I like pictures like that.  Like this one.  This one is my favorite picture I ever took and it’s a selfie in the middle of winter on a disposable camera.

fBecause I can’t get a following.  I try. Hard.  But I’ve never been able to get people interested.  And then I figured, why am I trying when I don’t even care?  So I stopped blogging.

Because I don’t have a shop.  I tried and guess what?  Totally wasn’t into it.  So we quit.

Because I don’t have an editorial calendar.  Mostly because I can’t work like that, and mostly because right now I’d rather just publish what I want to publish when I want to publish it since it’s the act of writing that I care about, and not always making everything chronological or in-line.

Because I suck at doing giveaways.  (Sorry guys!)

Because I don’t put my kids’ faces on the internet.  Apparently you’re supposed to and it’s a big deal if you don’t. *Shrugs*

Because I’m really sarcastic but in writing I can come off as sounding half-emo.

Because I’m never consistent with anything.  Ever.

Because I don’t have any tips for how to decorate a mantel, how to write an “about me” page, how to clean your room in 30secs or less, or how to check books out of the library.  Basically, I’m useless to any and all readers.

Because I don’t care about making money.  And I don’t know how to put up ads on the sidebar or use affiliate links.

Because I don’t know how to code my own website and I doubt I’ll ever buy my own domain. 

Because I don’t want to take blog classes to learn to be a better blogger.

Because I like reading blogs with good writing and less giveaways, like this one, and no one really writes like that anymore.

Because I’d rather write and write and write instead of market and market and market.


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