Life Lately

Last time I posted this sort of update it was April.  Oh my how life has changed.  And yet, it is so similar.

On going paleo:

So far, not so good.  It’s hard to get back on track when you have two children whose eating habits have already been somewhat established.  So I feel like we’re buying food for us and food for them, and some days it’s really just a lot easier to eat what their eating.  But we’re making great strides in both of their eating habits.  I think corn, black beans, rice, and soy sauce are going to be here to stay, but really if that’s ever the only “non-paleo” foods we eat, I’m fine with that.  We’re just going to take it one day at a time.

she's eating octopus stew, which is hot dogs and v8 juice. but at least there's vegetables...

she’s eating octopus stew, which is hot dogs and v8 juice. but at least there’s vegetables…

On another note, I just read Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar and OMG it freaked me out.  Did you know how much sugar is in everything?  Like a banana?  I was thinking of doing her 8 week detox, but honestly I love paleo, and since the husband has lost 30+ pounds and is off three medications, and since it took me so very long to get him to be on board, I think we’ll just start by limiting our fruit intake and continue to go refined-sugar free.  Well, mostly free, since having kids who love Pirate’s Booty and pretzels makes it hard.

On Adoption:

It’s no surprise by now that I met my kids and they’re living with us.  How’s it going?  That’s the question I get asked the most frequently.  And my answer is:  We’re all still alive.  And really, that’s just about all I have to say on that subject right now.

On the job:

My new job is MOM, a title I always wanted, never thought I would have, and hated the idea of it being full-time.  God is humbling me in so many ways–motherhood is just one.  And honestly, it’s hard work

little one turned two!  so my first job as mom was to throw a party.

little one turned two! so my first job as mom was to throw a party.

On books:

I recently picked up a no-good YA book whose name I won’t mention, and that was the last one that I’ve read in a while.  Unless you count I Quit Sugar.  I think it’s just a matter of finding that balance–it’s not that I don’t have time to read, it’s that when I get time I usually spend it doing things like checking facebook or watching tv.  I’m working on re-prioritizing though.

On the summer days:

Summer is flying by.  But in a very rich, fulfilling type of way.  And knowing I don’t have a job to go back to for a while is really uplifting and freeing.  I don’t have to worry about preparing anything, doing anything, being anywhere at a certain time.  So I get to enjoy my days knowing that if we don’t make some museum exhibit or free pass day, I can just hit it up again later.

My main priority is to just expose the girls to a variety of things and see what their interests are.  Besides walking around with a doll in their arms, nothing keeps their interest for any length of time (even books!! alas!).  So we’re hitting up free nights at the children’s museum, zoo days, the library storytimes, free concerts on the park, movies on the beach, pool swimming, beach going, etc.  So far, nothing is sticking, although they very much enjoy all the activities.  But except for playing in their $8 pool in the backyard, I haven’t gotten any other requests for a repeat activity.

our pretty-much-private pond beach

our pretty-much-private pond beach

On the blog:

I told you yesterday how I’m never going to be a good blogger, and really I’m okay with that.  But I also said that I need to figure out how to put me back into the equation, and I’m finding that writing–not blogging–but writing about anything and everything is helping a lot to work through this transition.


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