#FridayReads: I’ll never eat the same way again

I recently read I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson, and at the end of it I was completely freaked out.

We’ve been paleo for quite some time and mostly refined-sugar free, and thoroughly enjoy it.  I thought this book would be somewhat similar to what I learned, but instead I had massive panic attacks at how much sugar is in everything.

Although I highly doubt we’ll actually follow the 8 week sugar detox plan outlined in the book anytime soon, there were definitely a few ideas in the book that I’ll definitely be implementing, such as

  • limiting fruit intake to 2-4 servings a day.  I’ve already stopped allowing fruit at dinner time, and will probably stop making it a side dish at lunch since it’s an easy snack and breakfast add on
  • read even more labels!  This reason is pretty much why it takes me about 4 hours to shop at the grocery store, but I’m going to just continue doing that.  I’ve already learned that the almond milk I buy has sugar in it, and so does the all-organic Greek yogurt so I’m going to just read more labels.
  • there were a few tips/recipes for sugar-free pick-me-ups:  things to eat if you’re craving sugar but don’t want to actually eat sugar

I Quit Sugar was informative, pretty, colorful, and easy to understand. But I have to admit, the parts I found most helpful and applicable were the parts on meal prep and ingredient buying.  That’s the hardest part about eating natural, whole foods–all the food preparation and time spent in the kitchen that has to be done–and this book had some tips to make it faster and easier.

I also commend Sarah on leading a basically sugar-free life, but I’m coming to understand that will probably not really happen for us.  Not because I believe in everything in moderation, especially since sugar is basically a drug and definitely shouldn’t ever be eaten, but because I’m being realistic.  We live in America, where sugar is in absolutely everything and all foods are processed.  We live in the age where friendships are made over coffee and scones and romance is kindled over candlelight dinners with Chinese takeout.  But if I can be 80/20 paleo and 80/20 refined-sugar free, then that’s about 80% better my body and my life would be if I didn’t try.


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