Us in May

Yes, I know, a whole two months behind.  But I want to get it in the archives anyway.

DSCN9396Sorry, you don’t get the real picture since I can’t censor my kids’ faces out and it not be a photo of feet.  So instead you get this awesome pic of us bike riding on our anniversary weekend. 

May was freakin’ awesome.

In May:

We went on a marriage retreat which will forever change us, our marriage, and how we view things.  (Dramatic, maybe.  But oh so very true.)

We met our children for the first time.  And it was weird.  And amazing.  And then we visited them for the rest of the month.

We were married four years!  So we celebrated with a long weekend in Cape Cod with delicious seafood, a bike ride, lots of ice cream, a jacuzzi tub, and book browsing.

We cut our anniversary trip a few hours short so we could pick up our girls and take them to the zoo.

We had our first all day visit with them, and seeing them see their room for the first time was really cool.  Well, it was cool to see big’s.  Little had no idea where she was or what was happening.

I nested my heart out of our house.  We got their room completely finished, our room re-made over, and shifted around some furniture to fit our new family. 

Cheers to you May.  Man you were great.


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