Us in July

I have a fantastic photo taken at the littlest’s 2nd birthday party.  It’s definitely one of those cheesy, quick-snapped, not edited, shows real life type of photos.  It was hot and humid and my clothes were picked out of the laundry hamper and sprayed with cologne and my hair was up in a bun.  And not a single girl was looking at the camera and both of them had hands in their mouths.  But it’s an oh so good photo.

But here’s the one you get to see.

Just pretend this is a family photo of us if we were kangaroos.

Just pretend this is a family photo of us if we were kangaroos.

In July:

Littlest turned 2 on the first!  So we threw her a party at the park. 

Gammer and Mawmaw left the day after the party.

We spent the fourth of July weekend in Maine with Grammy and Papa.  Little’s favorite part was mowing the lawn because she got to ride on the tractor with Papa.  Littlest’s favorite part was probably all the running around she could do in the backyard.  Swarley’s favorite part was the fact that he could hide under the couch and no one could find him.

After a couple months of praying and asking direction from God, we decided that fourth of July weekend that we would be moving to Texas.  And soon.

Little started gymnastics.  She goes once a week for 45 minutes.  I’m pretty sure I was way more nervousexcited than she was her first day.  And little girls in leotards walking on balance beams?  The cutest.

I read Steady Days and started getting used to motherhood.  As in, I no longer feel like I’m drowning, but instead I feel like I’m treading water.  And I got the best advice ever, from my grandmother.  After the third sleepless night and complaining about how tired I was she said, “Suck it up, buttercup, and get used to it.”  (my paraphrase.)  Honestly, anytime I get frustrated with not being able to take a day or sleep in, I just suck it up.

We had a yard sale with the sister-in-law and we made $57.  Which was impressive, being that most of it was originally gifted to us and we didn’t spend any money on it.

I started using cloth diapers.  I’ll admit, I think they’re so fun to use!  Even if they are a bit of work.

I started coming out of my fog and blogging more.

The husband a non-bloggable event happen.

Grammy bought us a tiny $8 blow up pool, and I think it was probably the best money ever spent.

We ate a salad with lettuce straight from the garden.  No strawberries though.  Something keeps eating them.

We stepped down from leadership at our church so that we could focus on our family and focus on our move.  It was a huuuuge, God-led step to take, but this new lack-of-commitment has already done us all some good.

We had our first and second date nights.  One to Tosca restaurant which we ate at for our 3rd anniversary.  One to Boston to see MFA’s Quilt Exhibit, which I totally loved but the husband did not.  And now I’m picking out actual patterns for my next quilt project.

We went to the tiny pond beach next door to us A LOT.


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