Fall Bold Intentions {& August’s Goals}

I’m starting over with this whole “bold intentions” thing and going at it from the angle I originally went at it with.  And that’s to define some big picture “goals” or “to-dos” that will last as long as I need them to last. 

Because if I was to be honest, this next season of ours could be full of just to-do lists.  Like selling the house, packing our stuff, yard sales, moving, making last minute doctor appointments, returning stuff that isn’t ours, cancelling internet, etc. etc. etc.  And all those things will definitely get done, but I don’t want this month or next to be all about the to-do list.  I want it to be all about living intentionally.

fall bold inentions 2014So for the fall–an appropriate way to describe the season as it was a brisk 65 degrees outside this morning, and I saw some leaves falling off a tree yesterday–here’s my great bold intentions:

  • Have Patience. With my husband, with my children, with the move.  I need to be patient first, and speak second.
  • Receive Grace. There’s a lot that I’m failing at right now (who doesn’t feel this way?) and I’m letting my flesh try to take over and control the situation rather than allow Jesus to come in, give me grace, and allow me to continue.  If I were to be honest, I exactly know my faults and I’m afraid Jesus will chastise me for them.  But I know that even if He would do that, He would do it out of love and still extend grace to me, so I’m working on allowing Him in more.
  • Do More for Me. It’s that part of the season where I’m so wrapped up in what’s going around me that I’m forgetting that I was a whole person before I entered into it.  I’m being “Mom” without being “Caitlin.”  On the rare occasion when I do have time to myself I don’t even know what to do.  I found myself asking the question, “What did I like to do before this?” and I honestly couldn’t answer it for a while.  So I want to do more for me.  Read some books, do a project, write on this blog, whatever it is, just more for me.

That’s basically it.  Any more and I’ll drown in the to-doness of it.  And of course I have to ask myself the question, Practically speaking, what will I do to try to accomplish these things?  And here’s where August comes in.

august 2014In August, I hope to:

  1. Finish studying 1 Corinthians, a book laid on my heart and I’ve been studying it for a while.  I’m taking it slow, so though I may not finish I want to at least get deep.
  2. Wake up before the kids. I was actually really successful at this one for about a month, and then they started waking up at the same time I did.  So instead of making them wait in their rooms until a certain time, I’m going to try to get up earlier, at a time when I know they won’t be up, and spend time just doing ME things:  take a bubble bath, play on pinterest, read the Bible, read a book, do some writing, anything that will help me to wake up and get some of my own energy out before I start the day with them.
  3. Cover the glider & make some pillows.  I already bought the fabric and supplies to cover the girls’ glider and make some pillows for our bed, so I need to just do it.  I cut out and pinned one part for the glider two nights ago, so now I need to sew it together.  I feel as if I can get these two projects done I’ll be on my way to becoming a whole person again.

The rest of this list includes all the aforementioned appointment making, scheduling, and condo selling, so I don’t want to put too much on my plate than what I already have.  And I expect September to be much of the same.  But that’s fine with me.  I’m going to take as long as I need to accomplish these intentions and these goals, with the hopes that I’ll be better all-around for it.


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