Writings elsewhere

I’ve been having the urge to write, write, and write some more. And then my spacebar broke and now I have to specifically touch the little round sensor button to put in spaces.  So my 95wpm just slowed to about 30wpm.  womp womp

So instead of my own writing, I’ll share some others with you:


An interesting read on “productivity porn.”

On how you don’t have to quit the internet.  (A relief for me, I might add.)

Two things we must stop saying about adoption. Actually, all his posts are excellent.

A TEDtalk on anxiety in parenting.

A day in the life of homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way.  A topic on my heart and mind recently.

A peer review of Jon Green’s Looking for Alaska. I personally think he gives the book too much credit, but it’s by far the least gushiest “I love everything Green because of TFIOS” review out there.


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