Awkward and Awesome //

The Awkward

–Having a yard sale.  I mean, there’s nothing more awkward than having people barter with you for your own stuff.  Especially when you’re selling it for cheap and they want to pay cheaper.  Makes you wonder about your state of mind during your original purchase.

–Cleaning your house so that strangers can come and look at it.  Will they open the fridge and see all the food with mold on it?  Will they open the cabinets and see all the dirty dishes I didn’t have time to wash so I just hid them instead?  Will they look under the couch and see all the crap that I just swept under it?

–Sitting in the waiting room at gymnastics with two other parents while our girls are in class and having Littlest stop and scream, “I POTTY!” while she’s bending in the pooping stance.

The Awesome

–Selling enough stuff at the yard sale that we can pay off an entire credit card.  Sure, it was a card we probably should’ve never opened in the first place, but still.  Baby steps.

–Hearing Little call me “Mama” more than she calls me “Caitlin.”

–Putting Little in VBS this week at a church down the road from us.  She loves it so much at night she stays awake talking to her doll about all she learned and we stay awake listening to her on the baby monitor.  (Which is good, because she doesn’t tell us.)  And then this morning she wanted to look up her memory verse in my Bible and underline it so she wouldn’t forget.  We ended up reading the whole chapter (Psalm 54) and talked about what it meant verse by verse.


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