Cheers, September


Oh September, I have waited and waited so long for you.

I’m continuing working on Fall’s Bold Intentions, which is great because my August goals didn’t go over so well.  1 Corinthians didn’t get finished (almost there!), glider cover and pillows never got sewn (in my defense, I lost that piece on the machine that keeps my thread in place), and I think I woke up all of 15 minutes earlier than kids (barely enough time to finish a shower).

So of course, all those things are rolling over into September, with the goal of getting them done THIS WEEK, so the rest of September I can focus on other things.


We’re officially counting down over here, and we’re at 21 days.  Exactly three weeks from now, I’ll be boarding a plane with a one-way ticket, jetting off to the last place I ever wanted to move (back) to and staying for an indeterminate length of time.  As excited as I am for this new adventure and that God has allowed us this fresh start after such a long, long year, I can’t help but wishing that God would allow us to stay, or to move us somewhere different–bushes of Africa perhaps??  But instead of whining and moaning and throwing a self-pity party, I’m sucking it up, because I know with all my heart our little family will be much better off because of this move, and it’ll be easier on all of us if I get in on the fun, too.

I’ve already made contact with a Thrive Local group in my area and I’m looking forward to attending my first meeting.  I’m trying to reconnect with some high school friends to help ward off any feelings of alone-ness that might happen.  And I’m stocking up on essential oils to help us transition environments and to keep my hormones balanced and mood lifted.  Because when you’re 26 and moving back to your hometown to live with your mother, you’re both going to need lots of help keeping those emotions in check.

So September around here is full of to-do lists and appointments and address changing and service canceling.  Though I’m not looking forward to going to the dentist or getting my haircut, I’m making myself not add anything else on my plate, besides what I didn’t accomplish in August.  I’m just trying to keep the semblance of a schedule, keep a semblance of paleo eating happening, and a semblance of normalcy in the midst of boxes, lists, and movers.

Because 21 days.


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