Us in August

It’s getting harder and harder to post these without including a real picture of us.  Because our family is getting cuter and cuter as the days go on.  Really.  We’re probably the most adorable little family ever.

But I digress.

So here’s a picture of Little on her big wheel at my parents’ house in Texas.

DSCN9694Told ya.  She’s totes adorbs.

In August:

We went to our favorite beach and spent the day lounging on the sand and wading through the tide pools.  Then hung out with the brother and sister-in-law who lives close by.

We went to the Boston Children’s Museum.  So fun.  I think I took about 100 pictures of the first five minutes because everything was so cute, and then nothing because we were busy playing.  We rode our first “train” (re: subway) and Little was extremely disappointed that we couldn’t meet the conductor or have breakfast like the dinosaurs on Dinosaur Train. The highlight of her trip was our very short taxi ride during which she didn’t have to sit in a carseat.  She made sure to buckle up though.

We listed our condo.  Woohoo!  

I started selling essential oils, mostly because I want the discount, but srsly though they’re freaking amazing.  I’m sure a #shamelessplug post is coming soon about it, but I can’t stress enough about how they’ve changed our household.  Sleep!! It really does exist!!

We saw The Wizard of Oz at our local theater.  Both the movie and our theater were celebrating 75 years.  Not only was the showing free (and awesome) but we got to meet the wicked witch and the scarecrow after a free pizza lunch.  Not to shabby this little town of mine.

We had our yard sale and sold a bunch of our crap and gave away the last of it.  And got so much money.

We went on our third date as parents.  We were going to go to a batting cage/mini golf, but it was pouring rain.  So we decided to hit up the arcade instead.  It was sooooo lame.  As in, I saw a couple of my middle school students there lame.  We hit up Chinese food after and came home early.  Why is dating so hard?

FIL turned 60 and we surprised him with a party and family pictures.

Little went to her first VBS and loved every single minute of it.

Littlest got really sick and ended up in the emergency room two nights before our trip to Texas.  Nothing that extra cuddles and a double dose of Motrin couldn’t fix though.

We spent 5 days in Texas.  Both girls did great on the plane ride until the very last hour and fifteen minutes.  Then they were so over it.  But we made it.  Littlest was sickish most of the time, but she did great.  And Little got ant bites the size of welts all over her. So I guess we have that to look forward to in our move.

We ended the month in Maine over Labor Day having a lobster boil and hanging out with Grammy and Papa.  It was fun, but oh so tiring.

And lastly, August 29th marks one year since we sent off for our adoption papers! One year ago we decided to adopt and this month will mark three months with our two little girls.  What a whirlwind it’s been.

I’m hoping next month will be less of catch-up and more of getting up these posts in time…


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