To Dos

In my efforts to write a weekending post, all I got was staring at the screen and thinking about maybe watching a movie instead.  Which made me frustrated with myself–why am I so undisciplined?? especially with something I love to do??  And that made me realize:

This blog is not necessarily for GREAT! writing.  This blog is for me to get out the sluff before the good stuff begins.  And if that means this blog post isn’t too terribly good, but the other writing I do right after is, then I call that a win.  And if it turns out that this blog post turns into a masterpiece that has literary agents pounding down my door to talk to me, well that would also be a win.

So instead, here’s a rambling post of what I’m thinking and how I’m doing.

After three-ish months I feel I’m finally getting my groove back.  Meaning, I’m not always waking up after the kids.  I don’t always take a nap when they’re napping.  I don’t only watch TV when I have a free moment.  I’m working on keeping our house clean, I’m working on doing laundry, writing, reading, and spending time with God.  To be honest, I credit this with Steady Days, a book I cannot say enough about yet every time I try to write a blog post about it I sound all corny and cliche.  But seriously, this book has changed how I look at each hour of my day.

Getting back into the swing of things means my want-to-do list is getting longer and longer by the day.  It’s frustrating since I can’t do any of it since we’re moving and we have no time, no money, and no space to put my projects.  But I’m keeping my list secure so that when we get there (15 DAYS!) I have plenty of things to start on.  Here’s a quick list:

  • A photobook of our adoption journey.  I started working on this and then I remembered how much I HATE scrapbooking, so I never actually got past the title page.  But I want to do a photobook of the whole thing instead–because I have soooo many pictures.  Any suggestions on what company to use?
  • A photobook of our “Us in…” year.  I wanted to do something similar to this, but I’m being realistic and remembering that if it turns out to be anything resembling scrapbooking, it’ll never get done.  So I’m just going straight for the photobooks.
  • Sew quiet books for both of the girls.  Littlest would absolutely love a quiet book, and Little loves things like that.  She’s also a tad behind academically and developmentally–she knows her colors but not the names of shapes or animals or numbers or other basic things like that.  I love that I can customize it, too, to fit each of their levels.  Here’s my pinspiration board, and my goal is to have them done as Christmas presents.  Anyone done one before?  It’s not going to be hard is it?  Or like a scrapbook??????
  • Sew a quilt with a legit pattern.  Ever since I saw the quilts at the MFA Boston exhibit–these beautiful, hand-stitched quilts with an actual pattern to them, I want to make one.  I’m thinking I’ll do it for our bed, whenever we get one, so it’ll definitely be the biggest quilt I’ll have ever made.

There’s more, I’m sure, but looking through all the links to add to this post is making me procrastinate writing even more, so I’ll stop for now.  Because there’s a pile of laundry calling my name and only an hour and a half left of naptime.


One thought on “To Dos

  1. I love doing photo books with My Publisher. I’m always getting coupons too. They aren’t cheap, but they are reasonable with discounts. And the quality is really, really nice.

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