Everything Can’t Be Important {Part One}

Lately, I’ve been learning what I’m identifying as the most important lesson I’ll ever learn in my life:

Everything can’t be important.

I’ve been getting caught up lately.  Caught up in being a wife, a mother, a teacher.  In goal setting, praying, dreaming, scheming, running, healthy eating, and so on and so forth.

How do you do it all?  Seriously.  How do you do everything?

I sat down one night in the middle of my laundry, sniffing each article of clothing to figure out if it were dirty or clean because we hadn’t done laundry in so long that I didn’t even know anymore and I just thought, “How do I create a laundry system?  Especially now that I’m working and mom-ing.  How do I wash my clothes when I also need to do all the other gazillion things in my life?”

That’s when it hit me.  Everything can’t be important.  Some things are more important than others.  .


So I did just that.  I identified what’s important.  Prayer is important.  God is important.  My kids are important.  My husband is important.  Having a liveable house is important.  Being a hard worker is important.  Getting healthy is important.  Actively being active is important.  Eating better is important.  Writing my book is important.  Writing book reviews is important.  Giving my husband time to go after his dreams is important.  Finding/Creating/Being in community is important.  Laundry is not important.

But even looking at that list makes me overwhelmed.  Look at how important all those important things are.  And that’s when my thoughts became a little more clearer.  I forgot to tack on a couple of sentences.

Not every important thing can have the same value.  Some important things will be more important than others.  And they will change with the season.

And when I think about that, everything becomes clearer.  Not even everything I deem as having high priority in my life can have the same level of priority.  Even in my list of important things there will always be some things more important than others.  And as the seasons continue, those things will begin to fluctuate and change.

I can’t do everything.

But that’s okay.  Because everything isn’t important.


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