Respite Redefined Episode 3: The Need for Community with Alli from @ourmisfitisle

It took me a bazillion years, but I finally figured out how to record an interview.  WOOO!  Where’s the celebration emoji when you need it???

(ALSO!  I’m officially putting in a call for anyone who is a million times more technical than I am to help me out here.  Because I know the sound quality isn’t that great.  But the content was, and I forced myself to stop stressing about perfectionism and decided that since what was said was so awesome I had to just go ahead and post it.  But help me out here.  Seriously.)

cell-phone-791365_1280In this episode I’m joined by Alli from @ourmisfitisle where we talk all about community and its importance in our lives and how beneficial it will be in your life.  If you can’t find community in real life, then find it online.

Connect with Alli:  instagram  //  blog  //  shop (where she sells stuff to pay for Baby Bear’s formula, trips to the hospital, etc.)


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