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My name is Caitlin.  I moved from Texas to Boston in 2010 where I now live with my husband and dog. In 2013 we started our adoption journey, and I just cannot wait to bring home my child(ren?).

I believe in a monarchy, that Jesus Christ alone can save, and without Him I am nothing.

I blogged a few years here, and then I quit my job and realized my life was headed in a new direction and it was time for a change.  I’m passionate about living a life of intentionality and purpose, about using our gifts and passions to live a life worthy of living and worthy of the Kingdom.  So I write a lot about my journey to live with less stuff and how I practically go about living intentionally–although there are some days spent watching TV or reading.

I love writing and I love reading.  I post a lot of book reviews (authors and publishers–look here!) and I love to share what I’m reading.  I have two unpublished books and a short memoir collecting dust on the shelf, but I am determined that 2014 will be the year I send something off.  Although, I don’t believe being unpublished makes me any less of a writer.  In fact, you can hire me to write for your site or project.

We bought our first house in October 2012 and I’ve slowly worked to make it a home.  I’m learning I can be creative in more ways than just writing, so I’m putting it to the test with home and life DIY projects, like my industrial light or tree skirt.

I’m two parts awkward and one part serious.  Mostly I knock things over, create big messes, squeeze limes over anything and everything, and spend way too much time thinking about how to annoy my dog.  My husband and I spend an insane amount of time singing our conversations and pride ourselves on starting and finishing a stupid number of TV series.  I’m not perfect, and I hope this space reflects that.

And if you want more sneak peeks into my life, you can follow me on instagram or twitter (@caitlinmfrost).  But I’m warning you, I post way too many nonsensical pictures and I always forget to update my tweet status.


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