A Few of My Favorite Things: Christmas Music Edition

Is it just me? Or does anyone else hate Christmas music as much as I do?

I’m not a Grinch, I’m just tired of the same ol’ same ol’ every.single.year.  (Don’t tell my husband.)  I think Rebecca (@betterlifebags) is with me, and she wrote this awesome post on the lyrics behind the Christmas music.

My favorite Christmas music are the ones that are more about the feeling that Christmas or winter gives.  I think that Sleeping At Last pretty much wins in this category–you can download their Christmas album here.  But I went on a search for some other winners and here’s my new Christmas playlist:

december playlist

snow . sleeping at last

christmas tonight . dave barnes (with hilary scott)

christmas lights . coldplay

cold december night . michael buble

somethingn about december . christina perri

god rest ye merry gentlemen . barenaked ladies (with sarah mchlachlan)


Fall Favorites Playlist

When I think of fall, I think of a household of people quieting down, settling in, and slow pacing through a fire lit evening.  A slow pace, intertwining sounds, beautiful melody, interesting voices.  Something that is so heavy, yet so light it can exist solely on it’s own beauty–that’s the kind of music I imagine fall being set to.  It’s a season that likes to wrap up in flannel holding a warm cup of something in its hand and take in the setting sun.  It’s a season that I’m learning to love.


I’m completely and totally NOT a music aficionado.  I like music very much, but I don’t give myself that much credit.
However, I’m enjoying this Fall Playlist quite a bit.

healing touch . green river ordinance

i will be back one day . lord huron

lonely hands . angus & julia stone

ho hey . the lumineers

mercury . sleeping at last

find home . the honey trees

i won’t let you go . james morrison

tonight’s the kind of night . noah and the whale

skinny love . bon iver

sun . sleeping at last

stars . grace potter & the nocturnals