Life Lately

On going Paleo:

So far, so good.  We’re concentrating on breakfasts and dinners at the moment, and I’m already tired of eating scrambled eggs, so I’m trying to find breakfasts that don’t use eggs at all.  I’m also trying to find Paleo snack foods, since I eat lunch at 11:00 and dinner isn’t until 6:00.  My handy-dandy book says that I shouldn’t be snacking, but I don’t know who can go a whole 7 hours without being hungry.  I made these Cranberry Orange Muffins and they were delicious.  Next up are these Banana Breakfast Cookies and this Grain-Free German Apple Pancake.

My biggest realization so far?  How much grains and dairy I actually eat.   I was deluded into thinking that I was actually eating semi-healthy, and it turns out I so was not.  So if anything, going Paleo for 75% of the day is forcing me to up my veggie intake by about 23o32489384%.

On Adoption:

Our homestudy was approved!  And we’ve been matched with a few different sibling groups!  So far nothing has worked out, but I’m hopeful that this will be the month*

*I know I say that every month, but it’s because it’s true.  I really hope today will be the day, this week will be the week, and this month will be the month.

On the job:

Seventh graders are hard work.  Really.  I mean, I didn’t think it’d be easy, but their raging hormones and the fact that I’m a substitute and not their “real teacher” is driving me up the wall.  Some days I want to cry because I feel like a failure, other days I shout for joy because I finally got one of the too-cool-for-school kids to actually show interest and participate in an activity.  Mostly though I feel like repeatedly banging my head against the wall.

On books:

I’ve been re-reading The Hunger Games trilogy.  I started with Mockingjay, I finished The Hunger Games yesterday, and I started Catching Fire today.  I also reread Insurgent because it was on my teacher’s desk and I didn’t have anything else to do at the moment.

On the weekends:

I’m wicked busy over here with a mountain of a to-do list of things that I just have to have ready before future children arrive on our doorstep.  Which could be any day.  My sweet, cute, nesting phase of getting the house prim and proper and cute so that my children will love it and us has become a Clean All The Things! marathon to get my mind off of the fact that we have no children and any day they will be here.

I hosted a wedding shower for a sweet, new friend a couple weekends ago, and of all the parties I’ve thrown I really think this was my best yet.  It was cute and simple and she absolutely loved it.  Also, you can find that tissue tassel banner in the shop.


On the shop:

If you didn’t see today’s earlier announcement, new things are up in the shop.  And we’ll be participating in a giveaway today/tomorrow.  So watch out for it so you can win something fun!

On the blog:

I’m taking a much more lax approach at this blog.  No more worrying about when I’m posting or having all seven days filled or having stuff up by 8am.  No more trying to develop content or revolving my life around the blog or checking my stats daily or working at it like it’s a job.  Instead, I’m trying to just go with the flow, and when I want to write, I write.  When I want to do more of a blog, it’s more of a blog-like post.  And when I don’t want to look at this dashboard at all, I don’t.  It’s a win win for us all, I think.


Shop Update!

We’ve updated our shop with some new products!  We’ve got lots of garland, some cupcake toppers, photo booth backdrops, and more.  So be sure to check it out.

We’ll be participating in a spring giveaway today with the wonderful Caroline G. of Carolinegshop.  So if you’re on instagram or facebook, be sure to follow her for the deets!

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Slightly Overrated {The Party Edition}

Okay. It’s official.  I am now a stereotypical blogger/shop owner.  Here I will post some tidbits of my life, thoughts on my day, and store happenings.  I am one of them.  I’m not sure how I really feel about it, but there you have it!

I had the idea to come up with a shop a long time ago, and never really did anything about it.  And then Maggie had to go all “Brave” on me and write all these posts about just doing what you want and then I thought about the shop again.  And then I realized that my miscarriage plus anxiety from waiting for our adoption to go through meant that I was spiraling to far in depression, and I needed something to do with my mind and my self besides think about kids and babies.

So enter the wonderful Felicia, who is doing the shop with me (so I will actually meet self-inflicted deadlines) and we’ve opened Slightly Overrated {The Party Edition}.

lime button

It’s literally all party all the time over there.  Garlands, cupcake toppers, word banners, etc.  Basically anything you need to make your party “Pinterest-worthy.”  Don’t have time to work on the details?  We’ve got it taken care of.  Right now there’s just a few things, but we’re constantly adding and I’ve got a billion things in the works right now.

A quick note about the shop:

  • Each month we’re donating 10% of proceeds to a cause of our choice.  Right now it’s Living Hope Centers in AZ.
  • Everything is ready-to-ship, so you don’t have to wait for us to make anything.
  • We’re not taking custom orders.  That being said, we’re constantly coming up with lots of new ideas and products, so chances are if it’s not already in the shop, it will be in a few days.  And if you’re looking for something specific or a specific amount, email us and see if we’ve got it!  (We probably do.)

So head on over!  Order something!

At the very least, share this post/shop with your friends and let them.
We appreciate your business.