Hire Me!

A little bit about (the serious side of) me:

I have a BA in English and in Creative Writing. I completed a Creative Writing Thesis as part of my Undergraduate work at the University of Houston. I am currently enrolled in a Masters’ Program at the University of Massachusetts for Applied Linguistics with a specialty in Teaching English as a Second Language.  I just finished a teaching stint at a language school where I created curriculum and program content to develop their primary school program.  I also taught English to English-speaking children who learned Spanish immersion style from native Spanish-speaking teachers from Chile.

I have multiple years copyediting and proofreading skills. I have developed content for myself (www.caitlinmfrost.wordpress.com) as well as for other companies. I developed web content for a Private School and worked to proofread, copyedit, and copywrite for a number of their marketing materials.

I interned at a Book Publishing company where I proofread manuscripts, wrote content for the company blog, and went over book proposals, deeming them appropriate for publishing.

For Publishers/Authors:
Please submit a proposal of the book you want reviewed complete with a summary.  I review only books I find interesting (which is most anything) and will only give my honest opinions on your work.

For Site Developers:
I offer several writing packages.  Please submit a proposal of the writing/content work you are looking for and we can work together to find the package the works the best for you.  I will only work on content that I find inspiring, intriguing, or things that fit my lifestyle; make sure you read my blog to get a better sense of who I am.

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